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ESiC e-Sourcing is a suite of independently-functional and seamlessly-interconnected cloud-based SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) systems, covering all aspects of purchasing an enterprise may encounter.

Not only does our e-Sourcing system build on sounded academic theories, such as purchasing excellence from Dr. Monczka’s strategy matrix, but it also incorporates many of ESiC’s proprietary models extracted from decades of proven cases. The entire e-Sourcing suite strives to provide all the functions and features wanted by sourcing and purchasing personnel. ESiC is also a constantly-evolving system so that it can always address any user-scenario now and in the future. Scroll down for more information.

e-Sourcing Consists of 12 Modules

The 12 interconnected & independently deployable modules are: 

  • Sourcing Strategy Management
  • Supplier Registration
  • Supplier Database
  • Supplier Qualification Management
  • Supplier Performance Management
  • Supplier Status Management
  • Supplier Annual Audit
  • New Product Introduction NPI Management
  • Request for Quotation RFQ Management
  • e-Tendering
  • Supplier Corrective Action Report SCAR Management
  • Order Management

Interface Examples

Shown below are two examples of the e-Sourcing technology clients will be using. The interfaces clearly show all the necessary information to make procurement easy.

Experience and History

Since our founding in 2006, ESiC has made many significant improvements to its SRM onsite systems and is constantly evolving it to give you the best experience possible now and in the future. The timeline below shows some of our greatest updates along with some of the renowned companies we have worked with.

What makes our e-Sourcing system better?

More than a conventional SRM system which guides operational procedures of sourcing and purchasing, ESiC e-Sourcing takes a strategic approach in positioning its SRM. Unlike others, our e-Sourcing system emphasizes the importance of purchasing strategy because ESiC believes that all operations should serve the strategic purpose of a corporation.

As seen below, the quick implementation and customization of SRM Pro allows you to realize purchasing benefits soon after installation. It also always contains the most competitive technology to make sure your purchasing never falls behind expectations.

Our system gives access to a supplier database like no other

Our supplier database is massive, and on top of that all of our suppliers go through a strenuous admission process in order to be included in our database.