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Why choose ESiC ? Because we are committed to empowering purchasing experts to demonstrate the strategic value of their work.

ESiC has been engaged in professional purchasing services for decades.

ESiC is made up of purchasing professionals, and all members of the team have rich purchasing experience. All the challenges you’ve been through, we’ve been through. In the first line of fire fighting to avoid production stoppage caused by short materials, we solve the emerging quality problems despite the time pressure of new product introduction & endless annual cost reduction targets. The ever-rising demand from customers has created unprecedented challenges for buyers. We hope to help buyers get rid of the complicated work and have time to do more important and valuable work, so that the strategic value of procurement can be fully reflected.

ESiC has been engaged in procurement services and consulting for decades, helping overseas customers successfully build and manage supply chains in China, and solving procurement challenges and problems. We train purchasing managers and teams in purchasing skills, and coach our clients in developing purchasing strategies that support the company’s goals and strategies. After receiving positive feedback from our customers and seeing the tangible benefits of our efforts, we realized we could go further.

Develop procurement strategy planning methods and best practices

Starting from Dr. Monczka’s excellent procurement theory, we have personally practiced and accumulated more experience. In the practice of customer procurement service, during training and in the process of consultation, we have obtained much beneficial feedback from customers, forming our procurement strategic planning method and best practices today.

First, we want to help the company build the whole management system of strategic planning. This system includes new procurement strategies in line with company vision and configuration to support the strategic planning system. The core processes and human resources, to subdivide strategy to by material category management strategy, supplier development and management strategy, cost management strategies and risk management strategy, so as to formulate specific to the executable action plan, the implementation of action plan will push the result, and the result in turn push forward and modifying the strategy. Finally, the procurement strategy can be implemented and contribute to the company’s vision and goals. (as seen below)

Secondly, the construction of procurement upstream processes. The construction of upstream processes supports the execution of procurement strategy. With strategic guidance, procurement is more directed, prioritized and therefore more efficient. We want the procurement to be engaged in the daily operation of the downstream processes, while not ignoring the upstream processes. The upstream processes allows us to focus more on the company’s goals. Doing the upstream processes well – means less downstream work and is more efficient overall. (as seen below)

Refine procurement strategy methods and best practices into software

Become the core of e-sourcing management

丰致将这套采购战略规划管理的方法与最佳实践提炼固化成软件系统,成为e-Sourcing 平台中的核心模块,指引供应商的开发选择,供应商能力的发展以及日常的管理。一步步落地优化您的采购实践,帮助建设致胜供应链。(下图)