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When we talk about end-to end, we talk about two folds.

First of all, our services in procurement are truly end-to-end. Whatever the challenge you might be facing in procurement, we can help you tackle. We have provided outsourcing purchasing services for over ten years. On behalf of our clients, ESiC team of sourcing specialists, buyers and quality engineers do supplier sourcing, management & development, as well as order and logistic management.  During provisioning of these services, we also set up systematic processes to manage all procurement activities effectively and efficiently. So whenever we hand back the tasks, our clients are always left with well-managed processes, in addition to a reliable supply base aligned with business strategy.

We are also flexible to meet all kinds of customer needs in procurement. We work on projects with variable lengths.  We solve specific quality or delivery problems, audit suppliers for quality or social compliances, liaise technical discussions during NPI phase, and analyze cost reduction schemes.

Our training and coaching program equips sourcing managers with professional knowledge, tools, skills and mindset for managing sourcing. We are experienced in strategic purchasing, purchasing processes, supplier management effectiveness, negotiation and cost management.

Secondly, ESiC had a digital platform e-Sourcing system that empowers you to build your entire upstream and downstream purchasing process online. It embeds the best practices  into everyone’s daily work to ensure consistent high standards across the board. The big data stored in the system provides insight on purchasing trend, operations under watched and risks being timely alerted. ESiC’s team helps our clients with the whole process of need analysis, software design, development, implementation and maintenance. We sympathize endlessly on your user experience and we proactively seek continuous improvement. 

Work with us, then you work with a team serving you up end-to-end to purchasing excellence and unleashing the value of purchasing.