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Purchasing Services

Since its founding in 2006, ESiC has been very committed to helping small to medium sized international companies source, manage and develop suppliers from China.

Customers looking for our services for sourcing suppliers from China, can build up an entire supply base ready for setting up production capacity in China with ESiC. Also, customers simply needing a trustworthy partner to represent them in China can work with ESiC for maintaining China supplier relationships and further developing their overall performance. Whatever our customer is looking for – we always strive to be a trustworthy partner who exceeds expectations.

Our sourcing experts are from various industries and bring their previous work experience from many large, respected enterprises. Our outsourcing purchasing team consists of 1) sourcing managers in various categories, such as mechanics, electronics, electro-mechanics & subassemblies; they source the right suppliers according to your requirements and negotiate terms & conditions that are fair and competitive 2) purchasers, who ensure supplier delivery goods meet purchase order requirements with quality and optimized logistic costs 3) quality engineers, who always ensure high quality material, including pre-shipment inspection and supplier performance management.

Over the years, we have been serving customers from USA, Europe and Australia for Telecom, Healthcare, Machine and Mechanics Industries. Our customers benefit from the supply chain we built up for them in China in terms of quicker time to market, flexibility and better cost.

Service Content:

The below chart illustrates our outsourcing purchasing service content.


The categories we are good at are all kinds of mechanics, sheet metal, machining, die- casting, extrusion, injection molding; electronics, subassemblies like power suppliers, motors, cable assemblies, subcontractor suppliers, and healthcare products.

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Reliable Resources

ESiC manages supply bases and interacts daily with manufactures in China, Taiwan and India. We have thousands of vetted supplier resources in our database – helping customers locate exactly what they need.

Client Case Studies

It is extremely easy to start working with us and immediately start your sourcing and purchasing from China. Enjoy all the benefits of quicker, more flexible and cost efficient solutions.

You can either work with us on a long term service contract or by an individual project base.

Check out the two case studies we prepared for you.

About ‘Client A’:

  • Privately held company with headquarters in New Jersey, USA
  • Telecom network solution provider selling to cellphone operators
  • 350+ employees
  • Annual sales over $500M
  • North America and Europe focused
  • Experiencing issues due to explosive growth

How ESiC helped:

  • Fixed annual contract for sourcing + order & supplier management
  • 1MUSD components shipped to US within first 9 months of service
  • 20M+ USD shipped each month after two years service
  • Cost reduction = 40-70%

About ‘Client B’:

  • Medical company with headquarters in Ohio, USA
  • Durable medical equipment provider
  • High standard for both consumer and dealer
  • North America focused
  • Experiencing issues due to explosive growth

How ESiC helped:

  • Supplier quality management
  • Pre-shipment quality inspection
  • CAPA tracking and continuous improvement
  • Factory audit for cGMP and Social
  • Purchase Order management